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Going behind the scenes at RANGE BEAUTY.


Alicia Scott

It’s finally time! A few weeks ago, we revealed a sneak peek of something new coming on our Instagram story and here I am to announce what’s been happening these past few months. A little back story: SKNY DIP Cosmetics was born in my Brooklyn living room back in 2015 from frustration over the lack of foundation shades and skin-irritating formulas available in local drugstores. I took the time to research and learn more about the beauty industry as well as how to create a brand that displayed a diverse shade range without toxic ingredients. On May 3rd, two years later, I launched SKNY DIP Cosmetics in Atlanta, GA.  I was beyond thrilled at the initial success and outpour of appreciation. I was proud to be a woman of color launching an affordable cosmetics line for girls and women who look like me!

Here we are, a little over a year old now. I am grateful for all the love SKNY DIP Cosmetics receives; however, the shape and theme it began to take on did not embody my vision or mission for the brand. After much thought and consideration, I decided to change the name and direction of the company to get back on track. Today and onward, we are officially Range Beauty. Range Beauty was formed for people ranging from all shades, skin types, and genders who want affordable products without sacrificing high quality ingredients. As we move forward, we will keep a few key principles from SKNY DIP to expand upon. Just like SKNY DIP, we believe in putting your skin first and using our products to enhance not cover your natural beauty. We will continue to make Real Shades for Real Skin™ and use natural ingredients to protect, improve, and highlight your skin.

To our current supporters, don’t worry! Our formulas are NOT changing, nor is our price range. The current shade names, formulas, and products will remain the same. Some great changes we’ve made are better packaging, processing time is now 2-3 days instead of 3-7, a new website with blog, and upcoming product releases. Along with this, we will now have Fresh Fridays. Every first Friday of the month, we will release an exclusive, new item only available for that day. Stay connected with us for even more to come including a pop up in Atlanta later this year!!

I am excited to bring Range Beauty to you and please know it is here to stay. I hope you are too! Feel free to flood our new inbox or social media with any questions or concerns you have and I will personally provide an answer.


Thank you for every bit of love and support sent this way thus far. Let’s keep it going!